Gaming May Be Making Us Silly

Gaming is the general term used to describe any computer activity involving interaction with an electronically programmed computer system (or computer program) that allows users to interact with a visual output on the screen. There are literally thousands of different types of computer games available today, and each one requires different skills to play. There are also many different ways to play a particular game, including competitive gaming, role playing, and casual gaming. Many computer games allow a player to progress through a series of increasingly difficult levels and eventually to complete the game. Some games are popular among particular age groups and genres of entertainment, while others are more universal in their appeal. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular computer games.


Online multiplayer console gaming is popular among both young and old alike. With the popularity of consoles such as the Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii, as well as PC based games consoles like the Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii, there is a large and enthusiastic online community dedicated to these consoles and games. Because of this intense competition, it is possible for someone to become quite skilled at communicating and networking within this multiplayer community. The messages that players use in their in-game chat programs are often customized to include personal information and other factors which make them much more difficult to block by an individual using personal computer security software, such as anti-spyware and antivirus programs.

Computer gaming is not only popular among adults, but children as well. Young children can be seen playing games like the popular Dora the Explorer online as well as older children playing Mario Brothers or Donkey Kong on their Nintendo DS systems. For adults, computer gaming has always been a favorite form of relaxation after a hard day’s work, and the social media has only made this more enjoyable and accessible for people of all ages. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are just a few of the social media websites that are full of games for gamers to play. The options for in-game communication and interacting with other gamers from around the world are endless.

While gaming may be considered a relatively harmless pastime, the effects of playing video games may be far more harmful than many realize. The effects of video games may range from addictive behavior to violence, as well as negative socialization aspects. Negative effects of gaming are currently being investigated by school researchers studying how students react to playing video games that require high levels of concentration and focus such as strategy games and first person shooters. These studies may lead to improved academic performance and a boost in test scores among children.

Parents are also becoming increasingly aware of the effects of gaming, especially those with young children. Some parents will not allow their children to play games that have time limits or other requirements that may cause them to be unable to complete the game. In other cases, they will allow their children to play the games but will monitor their activities to ensure that they are not spending excessive time in a particular game. Video games may also cause a change in the way that children interact with their peers. New research is investigating whether young people who play video games are having a similar effect as adolescents who spend a lot of time playing sports related computer games, where players frequently fight with each other for control of a game environment.

The new study is examining whether the changes noted in this research are due to personal information being posted on the Internet by gamers. Personal information includes personal contact information, location, game play details, chat room names, and more. When this information is released, it can lead to embarrassment or even shame among gamers and can lead to the silencing of critics. The use of personal information has caused an increase in anti-gaming sentiment against gamers.

The Importance of Sports Names


The Importance of Sports Names

Sports are the most popular leisure activities of the people from different walks of life. Today, in schools and colleges, sports are a compulsory subject. Since childhood, most children are encouraged to play sports. It does not matter whether they are about six years old, as young as one, or just a child from five to seven years old. In either case, sports is a great way to have fun, improve social interaction and communication skills, improve physical fitness and strength, exercise self-discipline, get outdoors and meet new friends, learn to be competitive and have fun at the same time.

There are many types of sports. Basically, sports refer to any physical activity that aims to utilize, develop or enhance physical ability, skills and/or performance. The wide range of physical activity includes track and field, softball, rugby, soccer, hockey, motorcycling, skiing, aerobics, sailing and surfing. Almost all these sports can be participated in groups or by an individual too. Sports help in the development of the individual’s personality and also help to build a child’s self-esteem. It is also believed that sports help in delaying the onset of physical diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer.

Playing sports is a definite way of staying physically active. Not only is it fun and exciting but it is also helps in building and maintaining a healthy weight, maintains proper body posture, improves flexibility, develops muscles and joints and provides a healthy recreational activity during summer. Sports also help in achieving and maintaining overall fitness. Some of the activities included in sports activities include running, skipping, jumping, tackling, throwing, rebounding, wrestling, rugby, basketball, hockey, weightlifting, tennis, swimming and martial arts.

Most sports, however, require skill, strength and endurance to participate. In fact, even playing volleyball can be considered an exercise because it requires the player to hold their breath for a while and use all their muscles to propel the ball towards their opponents goal. However, before you enroll yourself in any sports activity you need to ensure that it is safe for you. Make sure you check with your parents or coach about the sport you are about to take up. Most sports have specific protective gear that you need to wear.

If you are serious about participating in any sports activity, then it is important for you to consider various sports names. Most sports require a certain code of ethics and it would be a great idea to choose a sports name that reflects your values and is related to the sport. For volleyball, you can choose the name of your school or university, favorite sports team or even your country if you have one. There are also sports stores that offer custom sports gear so if you are not able to find the right sports name for you, then you can request your store to supply you with a volleyball jersey.

Sports participation should be taken lightly as they require a lot of passion and dedication in order to succeed. If you are serious about the sport and you want to become a successful athlete, you must be willing to dedicate yourself to the sport and learn all the strategies involved. It is also important to remember that there are sports that are considered to be mind sports and hence you should take care to consider this factor while choosing a sport name. You can search on internet to find various sports governing bodies which will help you understand the spirit behind each sport.

Beauty – A Cultural Lens

Beauty is widely defined as a subjective aspect of tangible objects, which makes these objects pleasant to see. Such objects may include sunsets, landscapes, artworks and humans. Beauty, along with personal taste and art, is probably the most important topic of aesthetics, among the major branches of psychology. It is used to describe the subjective aspect of aesthetic objectivity. Many aesthetics scholars argue that beauty depends on the culture in which it is perceived, with the individual adding value to beauty according to his or her culture and expectations.

The term “beauty” first appears in the literature in the late nineteenth century. The most famous example of such a use is from James Dyson’s “Books of a Man in a Lazy Day.” Dyson describes how he feels every time he looks at a garden or takes a walk through the city. He describes beauty as an abstract quality, saying that he finds it hard to believe that some people find beauty in concrete objects such as buildings, trees or rocks. Dyson goes on to say that he thinks many who believe in the idealist conception of beauty are not fully satisfied with their own beauty, and that they therefore need to find a deeper understanding of beauty.

The twenty-first century still regards beauty as an abstract quality, although some cultural theories suggest that there are some cultural aspects of beauty which can be objectively measured. Cultural theory suggests that beauty exists on a spectrum, with some forms of beauty varying across cultures. For instance, beautiful women in some cultures may be regarded as beautiful, while unattractive men may be considered ugly. However, beauty has also been shown to differ between geographical regions. For example, while Asian women tend to be more beauty conscious than Western women, Eastern European women are often thought to lack beauty, even though surveys show that they have high levels of beauty consciousness.

It is interesting to note that beauty products and beauty related items such as perfumes, makeup and beauty creams are widely available throughout most of the world, whereas beauty products related to clothing are generally seen only in Western countries, especially in Europe and North America. Some companies such as L’Oreal have also begun to offer a wide selection of beauty products from other parts of the world, including China and South America. Beauty products have become a very popular business today, and the market for them is expanding rapidly. However, it is difficult to cite one single explanation for beauty, as beauty varies widely according to culture, age and personal preference.

In addition to beauty products, the concept of beauty has become closely associated with social and cosmetic norms. Beauty consultants are seen in most large cities, and their services cater to both men and women, offering services such as reducing men’s hair and beards, helping men shave properly and maintaining a good figure. Many fashion gurus believe that beauty must be integrated into daily dressing, and it is also suggested that men and women should avoid rushing through make-up applications and should spend time learning how to select their cosmetics (how to apply them, for example) and beauty products (how to use them effectively). Men are seen as being more beauty conscious than women, and this is partly because men are seen as being successful and in control of their own image.

The belief that beauty is related to outward appearances is beginning to fade away, but there are some areas that are still deeply linked to the idea of beauty. Men and women alike often look at magazine covers and clothing articles to evaluate their appearance and determine their “coolness.” This idea of beauty has become deeply rooted in our culture and has become closely associated with personality traits that are considered to be socially acceptable and fashionable. Beauty consultants offer their clients many different options for attaining beauty and looking their best. Whether men are beauty conscious or not, they are all able to benefit from consulting a beauty advisor.

Online Gaming on Personal Computers

Computer and video games are popular for being a great way to pass the time. The advent of video games has also created a whole new sub-industry devoted to computer and video games, namely “Simulation Games”. A video game or computer video game is a computer or video game that involves interaction either with a user interface or digital input device, including a mouse, keyboard, joystick, or similar device, to generate virtual visual feedback to the user.


Computer and video game programmers are the people who write the code for video games and other interactive media. Most popular computer games involve complex programming requiring extensive knowledge of computer programs and hardware. Often these programmers are also hired by gaming companies to create the interface that allows the player to interact with the game. Other times these programmers are employed by game designers where they produce the characters, the levels, and other aspects of the game. In either case, programmers are crucial to the creating and maintaining of successful video games.

Video gaming also includes applications such as computer generated environments (also known as “worlds”) which are made up of entire maps or virtual reality environments that players enter. These worlds may be customized and modified in any way possible, from weather and terrain to the design of the entire network infrastructure. Such customization extends to the actual game play itself, making it possible for players to construct their own personal gaming environment. Some video games allow the player to escape from the world into a multiplayer mode, in which he or she can engage in battles with other players or against the computer.

With the advent of personal computer systems such as the Apple i-Phone and the Microsoft Xbox, gaming has taken a completely new direction. One of the most exciting features of these systems is the development of live gaming communities. These online communities are typically focused on a particular game title, which allows members to meet one another and make friends. These online communities are incredibly popular with the teenage crowd. Video game consoles such as the X-Box 360, Play Station 2, and the Nintendo Wii all allows for the creation of multiplayer video games. Many of these multiplayer video games are free to download, and many have leaderboards and other statistics that allow one player to become an expert at the game.

Advances in technology have also allowed developers to create video games that are not necessarily designed for use with dedicated gaming consoles. These “unlocked” versions of video games are often compatible with most personal computers, regardless of their manufacturer. These unlocked versions of video games allow the user to use their computer’s operating system to function as if they were playing a game on a console. These online games are becoming increasingly popular with the gaming community.

Of course, even non-gamers have benefited from online gaming. Recently, it was estimated that the monthly revenue of gamers has increased over fifty percent since 2021. As technology advances more people are able to enjoy playing games on their personal computers. Not only is it now possible to play games of all genres online, but it is now also very possible to play games of all levels on a single platform. The future of gaming looks very bright indeed.

A Definition of Sports

The term “sports” refers to a number of athletic activities that involve contact with a ball, a stick, etc., that are generally conducted for recreation or competitive reasons, with the participation coming from a group of people. Sports can be both organized and unorganized, but most commonly involve physical contact of some kind. In modern times, many sports can be competitive, but some even still take place behind closed doors, with players keeping their bodies and minds entirely separate from each other. This type of competitive sports can be competitive or non-competitive.


The term “sport” itself however, can mean different things to different people, often with an associated meaning of skill, contest, physical contact or participation in a social setting. Most commonly used in North America, where most Americans tend to focus on American football as their national sport, other sports include ice hockey, gymnastics, track and field, sailing and swimming. These sports have varying levels of skill and intensity, but also exhibit varying levels of social change. The intensity of a sports competition usually relates to the degree of skill involved, as well as the degree of social change that it causes. Most American sports can be classified as either competitive or non-competitive, but the nature of the competition and the degree of skill involved can vary by category.

Generally, sports refer to any activity that uses physical exertion of skill, such as running, jumping, throwing or catching. Though these sports don’t necessarily require any skill, most sports require at least some degree of skill: A team’s running game may involve sprinting up a set of stairs, while a high jump rope would not. However, there are many sports that involve skill without necessarily requiring physical exertion: For example, playing a musical instrument or sewing or dancing.

There are a number of different types of sports, including team sports, individual sports, pastime sports, and recreational sports. A team sport is a game in which two or more people attempt to achieve a common goal. Competitive pastime sports are generally considered to be games in which the purpose of the game is for individuals to show off their own athletic ability or to compete against others. A sport of interest may be pursued by all of the participating teams or individuals.

Most sports involve some type of physical activity, though not always necessarily intense physical activity. Most contact sports don’t require striking, kicking, or carrying a ball, although the sport of wrestling has elements of both sports. Most team sports involve a series of activities, but each team is allowed to practice as far as is possible without interfering with the others. In a pastime sport, on the other hand, players engage in the activity only for pleasure. Most indoor sports can be played by the entire family and are very affordable, while outdoor sports are generally more expensive and require a significant amount of equipment.

There are many sports that are being played today. Many people agree that today’s athletes require an extremely high level of physical conditioning to stay in peak condition during training and competition. Sports professionals who want to keep their athlete in peak physical condition have spent years developing programs and equipment that enable them to deliver peak performance every time. Sports equipment includes everything from weights to racquets to rowing machines and treadmills. Sports programs such as Total Gym, Ball Fitness, StrongLifts and FitXtreme have helped athletes including youth, women, and seniors build muscle, lose weight, and improve their fitness level and health.

Beauty in Art – An Acquired Taste


Beauty in Art – An Acquired Taste

Beauty is often defined as a subjective aspect of objects which makes these objects enjoyable to see. These objects may include natural landscapes, sunsets, beautiful humans and artistic works of art. Beauty, along with aesthetic sense and art, is the basis of aesthetics, among the major branches of science. Philosophers define beauty according to how it affects us. Some of them believe that beauty is subjective and independent while some others think that beauty depends on how it is perceived by the person viewing it.

Aesthetic appreciation of beauty has been in existence since time immemorial, as history has proven that cultures all over the world have used different means to depict or assess beauty. The word beauty, according to some historians, first appears in the thirteenth century in a manuscript written by Leonardo da Vinci. In this book, da Vinci indicated fourteen different aspects of physical beauty, which are collectively referred to as ‘the beauties of the face’. These beauties were divided into two categories: beauty for a specific function and beauty for a specific form.

According to the meaning of this text, beauty could be judged according to the visual enjoyment it causes. It can be intellectual or sensual. According to others, beauty can be judged by its conformity to the nature – i.e., it becomes a ‘natural’ when it is harmonious with nature. For example, beauty is beauty – i.e., it satisfies our basic needs and necessities of survival; beauty is harmony in form and colour or form and its variety; beauty is a form expressed in proportion and proportionate proportions. Thus, beauty can be seen or perceived in a multitude of forms and it is the ‘comprehensive’ quality of all these forms that make them beautiful.

Beauty in art – such as paintings, sculptures and other works of visual art – does not depend on the physical beauty of things, but on the aesthetic sense of things. The aesthetic sense is the faculty through which we judge beauty. We can say that aesthetic sense determines the beauty of a work or a visual presentation because it is something we always see in nature – like the beauty of a flower or tree, or a painting. We see the beauty in nature, when we look at it, feel it or experience it. Our aesthetic sense perceives the beauty of things as an independent and primary matter.

So beauty – that is, the beauty of things that we see, feel or experience – is not merely a matter of physicalism. It is not necessary that beauty should conform to the physical and biological character of things. We have many ways in which we can aesthetically pleasing things. But no one thing, or only one thing, can be considered beauty, for there are many things that beauty includes and individualizes as beauty.

What is beauty, then, in art? According to the definition given above, beauty is the independent and primary sense that we have of beauty. The definition of beauty in visual art consists essentially of the proportion of the figure to the whole body of the art object. In other words, the beauty of a flower or a painting does not consist in the size and number of the flowers or in the prettiness of the painting, but in the proportion of the parts to the whole object. Thus the subject matter of art can be seen as an artistic creation in itself, with all its own peculiarities.

How To Find Out What The Most Powerful Computer Is For Video Gaming Today


How To Find Out What The Most Powerful Computer Is For Video Gaming Today

Are you the type of person who simply cannot get enough of playing computer games? Do you spend hours in front of your computer screen, zoning out in front of the game window or often times checking your email and watching your inbox for new emails to read? Do you play games online and chat with people in other parts of the world? If so, then you’re not alone! In fact millions of people all around the world are looking for ways to expand their gaming horizons and maybe even challenge themselves to play some games they have been meaning to play but never got around to.

For this reason, computer manufacturers continue to crank out new models of gaming laptops and other high-end gaming devices all the time. And these gaming laptops tend to get more expensive every year. However, if you are looking for a gaming laptop that will give you high-end performance without breaking the bank, then you need to be looking at gaming laptops with liquid cooling systems. These liquid cooling systems have been designed specifically to cool the inside of the computer while providing a blistering performance. There are many different types of these liquid cooling systems, but two of the most popular ones on the market today are the Cool Master 2.0 and the Asus laptop.

The Cool Master 2.0 is a great example of a gaming laptop with an integrated liquid cooling system. This cooling system allows for extremely low temperatures, yet very efficient cooling for the CPU and the other critical components of the PC. For example, if you were to compare the regular price of an Intel i5 with a high end laptop with a quad-core processor, you would find that you could save up to forty percent by using Cool Master’s dual core processors. The cooling system on this processor also works extremely well with a regular graphics card, which allows you to use high definition video without worrying about destroying the graphics card. If you are interested in upgrading your gaming PC, then cooling systems are definitely something that you want to look into.

The second option on the market that offers extremely powerful computing power at an affordable price is the Asus laptop. This model features a powerful 6th generation Core i7-processor, paired with a powerful yet affordable graphics card. It is equipped with two USB ports, an optical disc burner, and a Firewire port to help you connect your laptop to your home entertainment system. While it doesn’t have the powerful processor as some of the other models on the market, it does have an incredible graphics card that will blow your mind with its powerful rendering capabilities. This graphics card will allow you to play games that you thought were impossible, as well as edit and create films that will astound you.

While gaming computers are all about powerful processors, the last part of your computer that you really want to mess around with is the video card. This component is what will cause most of the lag issues and problems that you might experience when playing video games. Luckily though, Asus has made their video card extremely powerful and reliable at the same time.

With these three main components, you can expect the best quality in gaming computers. They offer incredibly fast speeds, along with incredible smoothness that helps you stay immersed in the game. All of the major components of these computers work seamlessly with one another, making them some of the most reliable gaming computers on the market. The price that you will have to pay for one of these machines will be worth it. If you want to play games like never before, then owning an Asus PC is the perfect option. You won’t regret the purchase.

Sports in the Renaissance Period

With so many people playing sports, it may be difficult to find someone who has not engaged in a sport at some point. The difficulty lies in determining the true number of people who engage in sports. Because of this, estimates regarding the number of sports-playing members of a population are difficult to make. Although it’s very hard to estimate precise participation rates for many sports worldwide, you can provide a rough estimate of the top most actively participated in sports by looking at available data. While different sources provide varying estimates, these estimates can be used as a guideline. Sports data can be found from various sports-specific websites on the internet.


One of the sports with the highest participation rate around the world is football. Data shows that in the United States alone, there are over sixty-two million people who play football. Football is one of the most actively played sports, but it’s also one of the oldest. Football was originally developed as a game called” Gaelic soccer” and the term “football” itself has its origins in Ireland, where it originated.

Rugby is another highly popular and active sport. It’s been around since the thirteenth century and is predominantly played between two teams of fifteen players. Based upon the rugby union, rugby can either be played with a ball (football) or with an extended “attacker” hand (touching the ground with the forefinger and thumb). rugby is one of the few sports that have grown up with the expectation that participation will be physical contests; in particular rugby tries are considered to be “autotelic” by many. This is where a lot of the popularity comes from: players aspire to be the best, to excel in their chosen sports, and to be awarded the coveted gold medal.

Track and field events are another example of sports that have arisen from active sports competition. Track and field events vary widely in terms of their regulations, equipment, goals, and style. While the majority of track events today reflect the original driving force behind the sport, there are some extreme events being added onto the calendar year after year. The Olympic track and field events are considered to be the most difficult and competitive in the world. There are four different classifications for track and field, which are speed, distance, jumping, and pole vault.

Modern sports are the result of advancements made in many different sports over the past century. Improvements in technology and materials have led to improvements in everything from baseball bats to basketballs, with the overall quality and durability of modern sporting equipment now being comparable to that of the equipment used in professional sports leagues. Indeed, today’s baseball and basketball autographs and autograph photos often resemble those in the pages of sports magazines and newspaper sports columns.

One of the earliest sports to appear on the modern stage of modern sports competition was figure skating. A spectacular and breathtaking display of athleticism on ice, figure skating quickly rose to prominence as a sport, and was even regarded as a sport by the famous writer Marlow Mosler. The first modern Olympics to be held in Paris were in 1900, and modern figure skating remains one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. Other early sports to feature in a renaissance of modern sports competitions include football, tennis, swimming, fencing, hockey, boxing, and track and field.

What Is Beauty?


What Is Beauty?

Beauty is widely defined as a subjective feeling of satisfaction with the objects that make up an object. These objects may be humans, nature, landscapes and art. Beauty, with aesthetic sense and beauty, is perhaps the most significant part of aesthetics, probably the most important branch of psychology. Aesthetics as a whole cannot be viewed without being interpreted through a beauty sense.

“Aesthetics” is the root word of the word “esthetic.” “Aesthetics” can also be derived from “aesthetics,” which means “of beauty.” The two words complement each other very well. “Aesthetics” describes the subjective state of beauty and “aesthetics” the objective state of beauty. Thus, a true beauty essay deals with both the subjective and the objective aspects of beauty.

The subjective aspect of beauty is what has been called “the aesthetic sense.” The aesthetic sense refers to the faculty of appreciation that recognizes and shares the aesthetic experience. According to some philosophers, beauty can be only established by reference to some standard of measure, such as proportion, contrast, unity or contrast. The eighteenth century French philosophers, Rennebroch and Lamb, were among the first to suggest that the aesthetic sense can be established on the basis of physical differences.

A beauty essay is written concerning any topic, which the beholder determines to be beautiful or ugly. A beauty essay could be written about anything that the beholder sees as beautiful or ugly. Beauty is thus an abstract concept. A beauty essay usually consists of a personal narrative that describes personal observations about various aesthetically pleasant or unpleasant features of the world, human beings or objects. The essays often end with a description of a particular aesthetic experience.

Beauty is primarily an aesthetic quality, according to Lamb. In his popular elegy “On Beauty,” Lamb says that beauty is that which makes us feel happy or saddest, which gives life and joy and, at the same time, makes us worthy of happiness and sorrow. According to Lamb, the desire for beauty is therefore related to the need to fit in, the need to have approval and the need to be noticed. According to Lamb, the desire for beauty is then seen as an urge that compels us to make ourselves beautiful so that others will acknowledge us. Beauty therefore is neither beautiful nor ugly; it is an abstract quality, existing only in the mind of the beholder.

According to Lamb, beauty is beauty, but not necessarily beauty in a physical sense. He maintains that beauty might even be the absence of beauty, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If beauty exists only in the mind of the beholder, then beauty may be either ugly or beautiful. The former may be compared to the feeling that arises when you see something ugly; whereas, the latter comparison could be made to the feeling that arises when you find out that the object of your gaze is indeed beautiful. According to Lamb, the desire for beauty is thus linked to the desire for approval, the need for being noticed and the need for pleasure.

Memutihkan Gigi Kuning Akibat Keseringan Rokok Atau Mengkonsumsi Kopi

Pastinya anda tidak akan percaya diri bila anda memiliki gigi kuning. Semua orang pasti tidak pernah mengetahui Bila gigi memiliki pori-pori seperti kulit manusia pada umumnya.

Beberapa Faktor yang berakibat gigi anda menjadi kuning dianataranya seperti zat makanan yang dikonsumi, Asap Rokok yang telah anda nyerap dapat memungkinkan gigi anda jauh lebih kuning, Gigi akan berubah warna sesuai Faktor usia yang semakin bertambah. faktor internal yang menyebabkan gigi menguning yaitu paparan Fluride, Penggunaan Obat-obatan dalam waktu jangka panjang, Trauma karena terjatuh atau benturan digigi pada masa Pertumbuhan.

Perawatan Yang Secara Umum Dapat Anda Lakukan Di Perawatan Dokter Gigi

  • Veneer Gigi
  • Scaling Gigi
  • Bleaching Gigi

Langkah-Langkah Yang Bisa Anda Lakukan Setiap Hari Agar Mencegah Terjadinya Gigi Kuning

Rutin selalu berkumur bila mengkonsumsi apapun, bila ingi mengkonsumsi minuman usahakn menggunakan Sedotan, Menghentikan kebiasa berokok, Menggunakan pasta gigi yang khusus pemutih gigi, Menyikat gigi secara Benar cukup 2 kali sehari.

Untuk mendapatkan hasil yang maksisimal agar gigi anda tidak kuning anda harus selalu membersihkan dan Menjaga kesehatan gigi, Selain itu anda dapat menyikat gigi secara rutin dan anda sangat dianjurkan untuk selalu Melakukan perawaatn kedokter gigi setidaknya setagah tahu sekali.