Gaming PCs


Gaming PCs

A computer game is a video game that entails interaction with a user interface, computer programmable hardware or a computer program to generate a digital output or feedback to the user. Video games are a form of media developed for delivering narrative experiences to users via the use of visual output devices such as screens, images, and sounds. Computer games are also popular leisure activities, especially for children. The growing trend of online gaming means that they can now be played without leaving the property of the game console. Today, online gaming platforms provide many features and services that will help you enhance your video gaming experience.

To engage in online games you will need a web browser and some basic software to access the gaming network. Basic software for internet activities requires a username and password to access the gaming system and other services. A great way to play video games is to play free online games that do not require any downloads or installations. It can be played directly from your browser.

Some gaming companies offer various security and privacy controls to keep your personal information safe from being accessed by other users of the network. These security and privacy controls are usually built into the online gaming platform itself. These security and privacy controls can prevent hackers or other unauthorized individuals from accessing your personal information. You will have to set up an account with the gaming company in order to be able to play online. Once you have established an account you can log into your account anytime to make changes or purchase new items.

While many gaming platforms offer various features for their users, they sometimes fail to meet the expectations of certain gamers. Due to these failures, gaming service providers introduce some new features that address some of the issues faced by gamers. One example of these new features is the use of chat or voice chat applications while playing a video game. Many of these applications were introduced to address complaints from some gamers about the privacy controls and security of the gaming service.

Today there are numerous gaming is available in the market. These gaming pcs are designed to allow multiplayer gaming among members of a single household. Some gaming platforms allow the use of chat applications while playing a video game. Gamers can play together as a group, and talk to each other while playing a game. Other popular features include the ability to transfer saved game data to other gaming consoles, purchase gaming content such as in-game weapons and items, and participate in virtual worlds created by other players.

Many PC gaming sites allow players to set time limits on the amount of time they wish to spend playing a game. They can control how much time they want to spend playing games by the kind of game they are playing. For instance, a PC game player can set a time limit on a particular game and never play it again if he/she does not feel like playing it that day. PC gamers can also set up time limits for particular video games. They just have to be sure that they finish the level or mission before discharging themselves from the game.

The Definition of Sports


The Definition of Sports

About Sports Medicine Specialists Sports Medicine is actually not a specialization in itself. Rather, it is an area of medicine that is designed to treat injuries and illnesses that occur in sports or athletic settings. Most sports medicine specialists are also certified in family practice, internal medicine, pediatric practice, or any other specialization.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is the organization that provides guidelines and standards for workers who are engaged in contact sports such as athletics. According to them, all these sports should be managed and performed according to the rules and regulations as stated by the sport’s governing body. As such, it becomes imperative that all athletes engaged in these sports undergo some form of sports medicine so that they can enhance their level of physical performance and prevent injuries. By doing so, they can realize their true potential and social change.

For the definition of this field, the first step is to define the term sports. Sports refer to all physical exertion of the human body. It can then be further divided into several subcategories, such as motor sports, endurance sports, and sports which require the use of a specific skill. One important thing to remember in sports research is that different types of activities can be categorized under the same umbrella term. Therefore, it is important to look at each type of sport individually and determine its specific definition.

Now that we have defined what sports is, the next step is to give examples. We all know that football is a sport but did you know that soccer is a form of football? Soccer is a collision sport wherein two players clash heads with a ball. Golf is a game of golf, tennis is a game of tennis, hockey is a game of hockey, and track running is a competitive sport where runners try to finish a course given in preset routes. Baseball, as already mentioned, is a contact sport wherein players throw baseballs, basketball involves physical contact, volleyball involves kicking a ball, and fencing is a sport where players hit an opponent using a stick or shield.

Physical exertion or work is the basis for many sports. It is where players use their bodies and their minds to accomplish a goal. It involves both the mind and the body and is therefore a complete sport. Examples of physical exertion in sports include sprinting up a ramp or jumping through a hoop. Work is a key component in most sports, especially sports that require skill, since skill is the driving force behind the competition.

Sports is a large and ever-changing field of study. There are a plethora of books, websites, and articles written on every imaginable topic about sports. Trends can be traced back to events that happened years in the past in sports. Trends are also created from the present day in sports because athletes are constantly looking for ways to improve their craft and perform at a higher level.

The Meaning of Beauty


The Meaning of Beauty

Beauty is often described as the aesthetic quality of beautiful things which make these things pleasurable to see. These things can be nature, humans, landscapes and works of art in general. Beauty, along with taste and art, is probably the most important consideration of aesthetics, among all the other branches of science. Aesthetics touches upon how we perceive and appreciate beauty in all its forms.

In aesthetic studies, beauty is defined as the essential characteristic of the things which makes us value them and are able to make a distinction between poor and good. This definition does not contemplate the importance of beauty to our being or psychological well-being, but only our aesthetic sense. We recognize beauty in things, places, and people. Subjective esthetics, which concerns the attributes of a particular object, or its essential nature and position in the natural world, is then introduced. In this way, beauty is related to the knowledge of a priori aesthetics, which concerns the study of aesthetic experience.

Defined in this way, beauty is a subjective concept and is therefore not objective in any way. Beauty however is used by some as an adjective rather than an analytical concept. Beauty has often been used to justify certain actions and expressions, such as the prejudice against beauty found in many cultures around the world. When an action or expression satisfies an aesthetic requirement, it is viewed as having beauty, regardless of whether the requirement is reasonable or not. In the case of words, beauty is used as a word meaning something desirable, pleasant, or attractive.

Beauty is therefore seen as something which some people find attractive or pleasing, while other people find it unattractive or disagreeable. Most people, however, fall somewhere between these positions, making beauty a subjective experience dependent upon the individual’s own tastes and desires. The beauty of a work of art, for example, will appeal to the aesthetically-inclined, while an object with no aesthetic appeal will appeal to the otherwise-inclined. Aesthetic beauty is therefore relative, with each individual being able to describe his or her own personal aesthetic experience in different ways. Beauty, as an aesthetic object, can only be objectively defined, and there are no underlying subjective qualities that can be considered to define beauty.

One way to understand how different theories concerning beauty relate to each other is to consider how each defines beauty. Most theories about beauty present a priori criteria, such as how objects with certain qualities are regarded to be beautiful. The theories concerning beauty most closely resemble a standard moral judgment, which makes a distinction between what is beautiful and what is not, while also examining the aesthetic experience in terms of whether or not the chosen standard of beauty is reasonable.

An interesting tension exists between beauty and aesthetic appreciation, as some believe that beauty is purely subjective and therefore not related to the person who sees it, while others believe that beauty is a necessary and integral part of the person’s experience. In the last few decades, however, new methods of research have attempted to prove that beauty is something that is objective and dependent on the person who perceives it. These theories suggest that beauty is not a matter of opinion or personal preference but something that is inherent to the physical world. If so, then beauty would be a type of electromagnetic field or wave, for instance. However, as these theories still have not been completely verified, the debate between beauty and truth will probably continue.

The Effects of Gaming on the Family

The term gaming actually has two distinct parts: the “playing” part and the “playing media” part. A computer game or video game is essentially an interactive computer program that entails interaction with a user interface (also called controllers) or other input device to generate virtual physical feedback to the gamer. Gamers often spend long periods of time playing a particular game, seeking not only to master its various systems and procedures but also in trying to improve on it. Video games may incorporate some aspects of real life, such as tools, skills, weapons, etc. The role of entertainment and games in our lives are increasingly becoming known and appreciated, so it’s interesting to learn about the way they developed and evolved from the very beginning.


Gaming as we know it today began its life as what is now commonly referred to as the “spiel” or “adventure simulator.” Early iterations of these video games featured text-based interfaces that limited the amount of interaction a player had while also limiting the ability for advanced features. This early form of gaming was largely focused on the concept of recreation and immersing oneself in an alternate reality. By the mid-1990s, however, advancements in technology allowed for improvements to video game hardware and software that enabled greater possibilities for players, as well as more detailed user interfaces, better graphics, and the integration of online games into actual video gaming.

Parents who have access to internet connections and home gaming consoles at the time that online gaming platforms began to become popular experienced a unique dilemma. On one hand, they were aware that their children were spending large amounts of time playing online. On the other hand, they did not want to completely remove parental controls so that they could be able to protect themselves from the potential harm of playing with dangerous devices. Over the past several years, a variety of parental control software programs have become available to the public. These software programs work by monitoring and controlling the activities that children may engage in online, as well as the devices they use to engage in those activities.

One of the first consoles to integrate gaming into its hardware was the Nintendo Wii. Considered the pioneer in the implementation of online gaming, this console has seen widespread success because of its motion-sensitive controllers and its capability to provide stunning graphics. With the introduction of the Wii remote, as well as various other remotes and motion-sensitive devices, Nintendo has expanded the range of devices that can be used to play games. The increased range of motion offered by the Wii also made it easier for parents to track the activity of their children who were playing.

In terms of video games and children, there is no escaping the connection between gaming and the development of problems such as social anxiety and depression. This is most apparent in the case of young adolescents who are commonly diagnosed with having Bipolar Disorder as an adult. Although this condition has no known medical cure, it has been proven that certain types of gaming can increase the occurrence of mood disorders. In fact, some specialists have linked social anxiety to the onset of video games, especially World of Warcraft.

Not all console gamers are male, but research has shown that the incidence of this disorder among this demographic is relatively high. Also, most multiplayer online games are played by men, most of whom suffer from Bipolar Disorder. While most multiplayer games require players to use microphones to communicate with each other, this requirement also increases the chance of developing communication problems that can lead to depression. For parents who want their children to develop healthy relationships, it is important to monitor the activities of their children who play games. Parents should be aware of the effects of gaming, especially when these games involve multiplayer or are involved with social interaction.

Getting a Career in Sports Management

Sports (or sports) is any form of usually competitive bodily activity that, through organised or casual participation, attempt to employ, develop or improve particular physical capability and abilities while also providing entertainment for participants, and sometimes, spectators. Most people have seen sportsmanship and what makes it so special is the spirit behind it. That spirit needs to be inculcated from a very young age and sports, if played right, can be the foundation of a good personality and aptitude for leadership. If not played right, sports can be a source of intense pain and suffering. It is for this reason that sports management is very important.


To be a good sportsman or woman, one must be able to manage himself or herself. In the modern age of sports and activities, sports management is often required. Many people who engage themselves in sports have very few opportunities to obtain such training, and when they do, it is usually at a much higher level than what they would normally receive. Without professional guidance, sports enthusiasts will often find their own abilities hindered. Even those who receive such training and practice fail to utilise the skills effectively because of their inability to manage themselves in the required circumstances. This is where sports management can come into its own.

In the past, sports professionals were usually involved in one particular type of sport; today there are sports management professionals who provide assistance to sportsmen and women of all different types, but in all different sporting disciplines. Sports involve a whole range of elements from sprinting to weightlifting, from tennis to cricket, and from football to rugby. Each discipline brings its own unique set of challenges, requiring its own terminology, its own vocabulary, its own rules, its own equipment and so on. The needs of sports people are constantly evolving as the technology of the modern day allows sports to be developed even further. Thus, sports people need to be able to adapt to all sorts of changes.

This is why sports management professionals are invaluable. They have the knowledge and skill sets necessary to help sports people make the most of their opportunity. In order to succeed in sports, you need to know how the whole system works, how competitions work, how sports medicine works and how sports psychology works. You need to understand the training, conditioning and rehabilitation of athletes and how they get ready for competitions. You need to be able to analyse the training programmes of athletes and the sports management teams.

These days, there are lots of sports and sport management clubs and associations. Sports are getting more popular and with it, the need for effective sports management is also increasing. These professionals often act as sports communications specialists, helping to promote sports and sportsmanship both within the organisation and outside it. Some are even actively involved in sport management, helping to create sporting competitions and tournaments and running them. Some work as sport scientists, developing new equipment or training programs. They may even be involved in the administration of athlete compensation, helping to ensure that athletes get the best pay and conditions.

If you’re looking for a career in sports management, you’ll first have to become qualified. At the most basic level, you’ll need to have a degree in a relevant discipline. You then need to gain a Master’s degree and you’ll need to undergo some specific training in order to qualify. Some of the specific courses you’ll need including marketing, finance and accounting, HR management and sports law. The important thing to remember here is that you need to be dedicated to your chosen profession and have the right attitudes, if you want to excel at it.

The Importance of Beauty


The Importance of Beauty

Beauty is widely defined as an aesthetic characteristic of objects which makes these objects appealing to perceive. These objects include sunsets, landscapes, humans and artistic works of art. Beauty, along with beauty and art, is the most significant topic of aesthetics, among the major branches of aesthetic philosophy. The word ‘giene’ has various interpretations and it means ‘appearance’ and ‘health’.

Aestheticianrist philosophy describes beauty in terms of proportion and harmony. It also defines beauty as the proportion between things perceived and things actually measured, i.e. ‘appears’, ‘shape’ or ‘size’. Beauty is thus the ratio of contrary elements, like sharp edges, smooth surfaces and rough skins.

The contemporary definition of beautiful people has evolved from the works of Picasso to the work of Wimayne in the Twenties and the Nudes in the Art Nouveau period. In the United States, the term ‘beauty’ was used before television, cinema or literature. But beauty was often demonstrated in everyday life through the forms of clothing, makeup, architecture, fashion, interior design, sculpture and decorative art. Beauty is now considered an end point in aesthetic research, rather than a starting point. Many social scientists argue that beauty and attractiveness are socially constructed and are not innate, thus the need to define beauty is not inherent in nature.

People’s explanations for being beautiful varies greatly. Some may say it is their physical features, physical attractiveness is the result of genetic lottery. Others claim that beauty is determined by cultural norms, and that beauty is seen in the media and in advertising. Some even say beauty is a mind-set, a mental state that can be altered by alterations to one’s appearance and/or clothing or cosmetics.

Some argue that beauty is only something that is seen in the eye of the beholder. Aesthetics professor Bernard Kamin founded the theory of metonymy, which says that beauty is subjective and is not dependent on physical differences. For example, a beautiful woman does not have to be thin, as beauty is relative to one’s standards of beauty. Similarly, a beautiful boy or a pretty woman does not necessarily possess the same aesthetic value across cultures. Aesthetics professor John Locke argued against the importance of beauty, contending that all beauty is merely the product of imagination.

According to some social media users, beauty has been subject to much ridicule and criticism in the past decade or so. Social networking websites have allowed people to express themselves via pictures and videos, thus exposing them to a world of beauty parodies. Celebrities have also made it big with their appearance in beauty parodies. Beauty has become something of a ratings game on TV, with the best looking stars being rated lower than the worst. This is what makes beauty important to both men and women, and why beauty continues to be linked with high self esteem and confidence for everyone.

The Rising Popularity Of Gaming


The Rising Popularity Of Gaming

There are various genres of video games. The most popular ones are action, strategy, racing, adventure, shooting, and sports. A PC game or computer game, on the other hand, is an interactive computer game that entails interaction with a user interface or physical input device-like a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, or joystick-to generate visual feedback to the game controller. Many people think that all video games are the same, but this is not the case. There are hundreds of genres, each with its own special rules, set of characters, and target audience.

It has been shown that those suffering from any type of gaming disorder such as depression, substance abuse, ADHD, etc. are at a higher risk of becoming addicted to video games. It is also believed that playing games is a form of escape for them from real world problems they are experiencing in their lives. Gaming addiction can be extremely destructive to relationships and career of those who engage in this activity.

Gaming consoles are among the most lucrative industries today. The video games industry is a billion dollar business annually. This large industry attracts a significant number of employees to game companies, and it also provides many employment opportunities for college students who wish to work in this field after graduation. As the world becomes busier, many people find it difficult to fit in all their social obligations in a limited amount of time. For these individuals, the use of consoles or computers can provide them with an unlimited amount of free time. Moreover, the use of consoles allows them to play games for extended periods of time without experiencing any repetitive strain injury that results from playing video games.

Unlike previous generations, younger generations are now playing video games in their bedrooms instead of in front of a computer or console. There are a variety of factors that contribute to this change in the way gaming is played. One of these factors is the increasing popularity of the PSP and Nintendo Wii. Both of these consoles were introduced prior to the arrival of the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii. With the introduction of these newer generation gaming consoles, older gamers have become interested in playing their older favorites on the new generation consoles.

Since there are so many gaming consoles being sold each year, online gaming has become increasingly popular. Many websites allow users to connect and compete with each other to see who the best player is. Other websites allow users to play against each other for money. With millions of people playing online games each day, this opportunity for earning money by simply playing a game has opened up everyone’s doors.

With the introduction of internet marketing, online gaming has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry. In addition to online gaming, consoles, and computers, accessories, and peripherals are available to enhance the experience. With so many possibilities and so many potential customers, companies have created a wide array of products that allow any user to be as involved in the gaming process as they would like to be. These accessories include: memory cards, computers, game pads, and wrist straps. Online gaming has taken a giant leap forward and only looks to continue to grow in popularity.

Popular Sports spectator activities


Popular Sports spectator activities

Sports are very popular with people of all ages and social statuses. Any activity that involves contact or competition of the human body is typically termed as sports. The most prominent examples of sports comprised in the US are professional baseball, American football, basketball, ice hockey, softball, and Volleyball. The majority of countries in the world also engage in a form of professional sports. A few examples of these countries include India, Thailand, South Africa, and Japan.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous growth in the business involving sports and sportsmanship. To ensure fair competition in international sports, governing bodies have placed restrictions on various aspects of the game. These include rules regarding the length of the pitch, equipment, playing rules for goal-post protection, proper wearing of uniforms, and even medical treatment and procedures. All of these aspects have led to the development of various sports science programs that have been implemented to help develop the skills and methods used by sportsmen and sportswomen to win competitions and mediate any disputes that may arise during competitions.

The physical activity involved in sports requires a lot of energy and stamina from the individual. This energy and stamina are crucial to the athlete’s performance during major competitions. Therefore, much attention is paid to training and nutrition for athletes in sports. In the US, professional and amateur athletes have to undergo rigorous training programs that focus on the development of their speed, agility, strength, and stamina to ensure fair play during major competitions such as the Olympic Games.

There are many professional sports leagues in the US that govern competitive sports activities. Professional American football clubs are some of the most popular sports clubs in America. The National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball League (NBA) are two of the largest and most prestigious professional sports leagues in the world. The National Lacrosse Association (NLN) and the United States Hockey League (USHL) are also well-known and popular professional leagues in the country. In the past decade, the USHL has developed several teams that compete in the major competitive leagues of the country.

Major League Baseball and the National Football League (NFL) were responsible for the creation of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1994. This law regulates the definition of minor league sports as well as regulating the licensing, promotion and operation of professional and non-professional sports leagues in the country. Major League Baseball and the NFL operate the National League of Professional Baseball, the North American Professional Baseball League, the American Professional Football Association and the Central Association of Professional Football Associations. The World Professional Sports Organization or the FIFA is the governing body of international soccer and provides developmental and training facilities for athletes who participate in international sports events.

Most professional sports associations and sports leagues offer training programs for aspiring athletes. In most countries around the world, aspiring athletes can gain valuable experience by participating in organized sports competitions such as athletic competitions or summer camps. They are also able to improve their physical fitness, learn about the importance of sport and learn various techniques and strategies that are important in competing in competitive sports. The growing popularity of spectator sport activities, especially in the US, ensures fair competition between teams and athletes.




Beauty is often defined as the emotional feeling that a person gets when viewing or smelling an object. Beauty is often associated with emotions such as happiness, dislike, disgust, or admiration. These are subjective feelings and are usually not necessarily universal. It is thought that beauty varies depending on the type of culture in which an object is viewed or its importance to a person. In addition, beauty can also depend on the status of an individual.

Beauty is often perceived by the public through social media, advertisements and peer pressure. Beauty is most commonly defined as a physical trait of objects which makes these objects aesthetically pleasing to see. However, beauty can also be defined through scientific practices. This includes the measurement and study of physical attributes such as weight, height, skin color, hair length and age. These measurements are considered to define beautiful people, as the majority of the population will conform to the desired physical characteristics that are typically associated with beauty.

Beauty can be broken down into many factors, which can affect the perception of beauty in many individuals. Physical attractiveness, facial features, hair length and color, height and personality are all considered to be aspects of beauty. In addition, there are different levels of beauty, from being extremely beautiful to being extremely ugly. Beauty is highly subjective and can vary greatly from person to person.

Sagmeister describes four types of beauty: physical beauty, psychological beauty, aesthetic beauty and social media beauty. He further describes these types as follows: physical attractiveness/physical prowess, psychological beauty, psychological prowess and social media prowess. The physical aspect of beauty can be broken down into four categories: average, above average, ugly. The psychological aspect of beauty can be broken down into the categories of: confident/oversensitive, insecure/unattractive and sensitive/unfriendly.

Psoriasis and its symptoms, when combined with the appearance of psoriasis lesions, can make someone appear as extremely beautiful. The combination of psoriasis lesions and a deformed face, coupled with a photogenic appearance (excess skin disease and scarring) can make someone appear as beautiful. However, the combination of psoriasis and asiatica, which is a skin disease brought on by infection with a bacteria called tinea capitis, can also cause the appearance of beautiful people. Psoriasis and the asiatica crisis may have been caused by a genetic predisposition or the accumulation of non-curable diseases such as diabetes.

All beauty is subjective. We all have different definitions of beauty and how we define beauty varies for each individual. For some, beauty is having a healthy body; for others, beauty is having a nice wardrobe and nice clothes. What may be beautiful for one person, may not be beautiful for another, because everyone’s definition of beauty is different.

Khmer Students Association

The Khmer Students Association was a leftist Cambodian students association that was to have a profound effect on the future of the country. It was established by Khieu Samphan and contained many of the later Khmer Rouge leaders as well as other prominent leftists.

The Paris Student Group

What would later become the leadership of the Khmer Rouge and Democratic Kampuchea was inextricably linked to a group of Cambodians who met and formed their political ideals in Paris.

The main players were, Hou Yuon, Ieng Sery,  Hu Nim, and Solath Sar. Solath Sar was to marry Khieu Ponnary, the sister in law of Ieng Sery, whilst Ieng Sery was to marry Ieng Thirith. These were the members of the Paris Students group that would become known as the Cercle Marxiste (Marxist circle). They were all also active members of the . At the time the most powerful communist party in Europe, outside of the Eastern Bloc.

The Khmer Students Association

The first organization formed by the group was the leftist Khmer Students Association. It was formed by future head of state Khieu Samphan; Hou Yuon was elected leader of the KSA. The KSA was later banned by French authorities to be replaced by the Khmer Students Union. At this point Solath Sar did not hold any positions of power.

Cercle Marxiste (Marxist circle)

The Marxist circle was formed by Ieng Sery and two others, which would later evolve to include most of the major players of the Khmer Rouge. One notable exception though was Brother Number 2 Nuon Chea, one of the few not to be educated in France.

It is not known who was considered the “leader” of the group, although Khieu Samphan was probably the most prominent member.

The Marxist Circle was the most important movement formed at this time. It was designed to work as a clandestine cell organization. Each cell consisted of 3-6 members, with high degrees of secrecy.

Solath Sar at this point was a member of a cell that produced the groups newspaper, Reaksmei (“The Spark”), named after a former Russian paper. In 1952, Pol Pot, Hou Yuon, and Ieng Sary among others sent an open letter to Sihanouk calling for him the “strangler of infant democracy”. This was to make them marked men when they returned to Cambodia.

Return to Cambodia

All of the group were to return to Cambodia, most of them gaining respectable jobs. Pol Pot became a teacher for example. He was remembered as being mild mannered although with a short temper. Ieng Sary and Hou Yuon also became teachers.

They were to become members of the Kampuchea Peoples Revolutionary Party, from whom the  now claim lineage.

Workers Party of Kampuchea

In 1960 the Kampuchea Peoples Revolutionary Party (KPRP) held a meeting that was to lead to the party changing its name and indeed direction. The party became the Workers Party of Kampuchea (WPK), which in essence was a coup by the Paris Students Group/Cercle Marxiste. It was initially led by Tou Samouth, before his execution. Whether he was killed by Sihanouk, or his fellow Khmer Rouge is up for debate. Nuon Chea was initially supposed to take over the WPK. He has since that he made a deal with Solath Sar where they would share power. Nuon Chea has claimed he did this to appeal more to intellectuals.

Standing Committee of the CPK

Following Chinese advice the WPK became the . It’s initial standing committee remained almost unchanged until the last Khmer Rouge in the 1990’s.

The importance of the Khmer Students Association

Of the 8 members of the Standing Committee of the CPK during Democratic Kampuchea, 6 of the 8 had been members of the Cercle Marxiste. With the Cercle Marxiste.being a direct offshoot of the Khmer Students Association. Thus almost everything that occurred up until their final demise in 1998 can be traced back to the Khmer Students Association.

The KSA can therefore be seen the first incarnation of the Khmer Rouge. Sadly and much like other elements of Khmer Rouge history there is scant information available about the KSA. Certainly when compared with the atrocities of the is quite amazing how little scholarly work has been done on the Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian genocide

Why is there so little information about the Khmer Rouge?

First world problems? It is quite hard to say why people don’t care that much, or know that much about the Khmer Rouge compared to other parts of 20th century history, but it is probably multifaceted.

Western Indifference

When I say western indifference I am not in any way shape of form alluding to “white privilege”. The western world consists of much more than just white people. In some respects we simply don’t care that much that a bunch of Asians decided to kill each other.

The Vietnam War

Unlike the Vietnam War, where western culpability was obvious, Cambodia and to an extent Laos have been considered “Secret Wars”. A great crime considering just how much both countries were bombed. Also US troops being on the ground in Vietnam have made it somewhat “cool”. Everyone has seen Full Metal Jacket, but how many have seen the award winning ? There has since been a tiny resurgence in interest, ;largely via Angelina Jolie, but nothing of any real substance.

The west continued to support the Khmer Rouge

In some respects it can also be looked at as a bit of a hush job. After all we continued supporting, financing and arming the Khmer Rouge until the early 90’s. Much has been written on “if” the USA the Khmer Rouge. There is no “if”, they and other western countries did, both overtly and covertly.

And that is the reason why the war crimes tribunals didn’t happen until almost everyone was dead, or almost dead. Dead people can’t speak. If they could speak the crimes of the western world in Cambodia would be as well known as the . Sadly they aren’t and in reality never will be.