Beauty – Is There Really A “Big Picture” To It?


Beauty – Is There Really A “Big Picture” To It?

Beauty is defined as that which makes objects pleasurable to see. These objects may be sounds, colors, feelings, tastes or various other things. Beauty is commonly defined as a subjective quality of particular objects, which makes these objects beautiful to see. Such objects, with beauty and aesthetics, is the most important subject matter of aesthetics, another of the major fields of philosophy.

The word beauty is used to refer to the aesthetic appreciation of beauty in things. We can define beauty as the approving attitude toward something in the object considered to be beautiful or as a mental attitude toward beauty, especially when that attitude is positive. It is a psychological quality, so it is not objective in any way. For example, beauty could be considered as a subjective quality when an individual feels attracted to certain features of a face or some other physical feature. His feelings are colored by the appreciation of beauty. In this sense beauty is subjective, for every man has a different approach to beauty.

Every man has his own definition of beauty, his personal feeling of beauty and the way he feels comfortable around his own appearance. There is a great difference between what a man wants and how he feels about himself. A man’s idea of beauty might consist of a pleasant appearance and pleasant behavior or a successful career and a beautiful wife. Beauty to each man is totally different.

So it comes as no surprise that the word ‘beauty’ is being used increasingly in the social media. One of the most popular search terms on the social media today is ‘beauty’. And this word is very much part of our everyday language. Many people argue that beauty should be subjective, but I think that this is where we run into problems.

If we use beauty as the sole criteria to judge people, we are immediately excluding half the population – those that aren’t considered beautiful by our social media. For example, we have beautiful models in fashion magazines, runways and advertising campaigns. We have beautiful models walking down the catwalk. But there are thousands of other people out there that do not have the looks or the skills needed to be seen in these ways. They are neither models nor models because they don’t have a career in fashion or at the top of commercial advertising.

Many people believe that those that enter the world of high fashion and are made well are by far the most beautiful people. I would call them merely average looking humans. The truth is that most successful fashion designers are nothing more than average-looking humans, with careers that range anywhere from being an assistant to a designer. So I ask, are we really being fair when we judge beauty based on these levels of physical appearance? Perhaps we need to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and realize that beauty truly is a subjective state of being that can be attained through education and networking, as well as hard work.