Does Psoriasis Make You Pretty?


Does Psoriasis Make You Pretty?

The concept of beauty is a broad one. It can cover all the pleasing appearances of an object, regardless of its physical shape or form. Beauty is commonly defined as a subjective quality of external objects which makes these objects appealing to perceive. These objects include sunsets, nature, humans and other works of artwork. Beauty, along with aesthetic sense, is the most important consideration of aesthetics, one of, if not the most important branches of aesthetic philosophy.

The aesthetic sense is the only one which is considered beautiful in itself. It is based on the internal sense of beauty and thus includes a person’s facial appearance. In many cultures across the world, the concept of beauty has evolved over time to include aspects of physical appearance such as the attractive face. For instance, a beautifully designed face is considered beautiful in China.

It is this association of physical appearance with beauty that helps explain why some individuals with poor skin may consider themselves beautiful despite their poor physical appearance. Poor skin tone can be considered beauty in its own right. However, for someone who experiences psoriasis, a poor complexion is often due to the skin condition rather than his or her overall beauty. In addition to the poor physical appearance, poor skin tone is used to explain the unattractiveness of a person’s skin.

So far we have discussed only physical attributes which make us beautiful. Within every individual there is the spirit, which can also be considered beauty. Spirit can be felt in the way we think, feel and act. We can enhance our spirit through regular exercise, meditation and positive thoughts. Some psychologists argue that the true beauty of a person lies in his or her positive personality traits, whereas others believe that true beauty is seen in the person’s achievements and personality.

Psoriasis sufferers tend to focus on their skin disease rather than beauty. Their skin becomes marked with red spots, silvery white splotches and thick, pustule like scales. This physical appearance belies the beauty of their spirit and, to them, their whole being is damaged by this skin disease. It’s easy to forget the spirit and to focus on a skin disease when you’re suffering from it. However, this is a very small price to pay for having beautiful skin.

In conclusion, beauty and psoriasis do not go together. While psoriasis certainly leaves its mark on your skin, beauty is always more about the attitude we carry about ourselves. We can start by accepting our imperfections and being committed to improving them. Next we can work towards having a beautiful mind and body. Finally, we can regain our beauty through regular exercise and positive thinking.