How Do We Define Beauty?


How Do We Define Beauty?

Beauty is often defined as a subjective feature of certain objects, which makes those objects pleasurable to see. These objects could be landscapes, sunsets, beautiful humans, and creative works of art. Beauty, along with personal taste and art, is perhaps the most important topic of aesthetics, among the various branches of philosophy. Aesthetics is often divided into two branches, one focusing on beauty and one on truth. The major objective of aesthetics is to achieve beauty.

It is not necessarily the case that beauty is a conscious aesthetic judgment of an object. Beauty can only be perceived by the senses. For example, seeing a pretty flower may cause one to imagine all beautiful things as beautiful. But to a person who lacks such natural beauty, such beauty would not exist in objects. Beauty, as determined by the senses can only be appreciated by the beholder.

There are many definitions of beauty. According to some, beauty is subjective, while others believe that beauty is a quantitative concept based upon quantitative measurements. Some social media users may say that beauty is subjective, while others base their definition of beauty on culture and society. Others may say beauty is a physical feature while beauty is also a mental attribute. And yet, some social media users may say that beauty is both a subjective and a quantitative concept, dependent upon what society thinks is beautiful.

In order for us to define our beauty, we must first ask ourselves what is beauty? Is outer beauty really beauty? If beauty is purely outer, then what definition of beauty could there possibly be? What could we even call our “true beauty”?

Most people would probably say that beauty is how you look. However, I disagree. Beauty, to me, is more than just how you look. Beauty is more than just your physical appearance, as this may concern some, but beauty is my true beauty, and beauty is what makes me happy.

What truly makes a person beautiful is their inner beauty. Your inner beauty comes from your true inner beauty, which is something beyond your appearance, your make-up, and your clothing. It is your inner beauty that you have to find, and it is through your inner beauty that you will truly be beautiful. Once you discover your inner beauty, you will be able to look like a million other people, and still find your own personal beauty.