Number of Popular Sports in the World Today


Number of Popular Sports in the World Today

Different kinds of sports help human body in many different manners. For kids, sports play a very vital role in their young lives in terms of physical, mental and emotional development. Some individuals enjoy watching others play sports, while some prefer to watch on TV. While others even go to stadiums to see them in action, while others even pay to watch sports live over the internet.

The common definition of sport is a game in which the participants engage in physical activity. In this definition, one can include team sports like football and soccer as well as individual sports like swimming, jogging, fencing and cycling among others. Sports can be broadly classified into two types: physical and mental games. While the former involves physical contact with the objects of the game like running, tackling and throwing, the latter involves mental activities like strategizing, decision making, preparation and the performance itself.

Football is perhaps the most popular sports that people all over the world love and enjoy. Football can be categorized further into American football which is regular season game of football; European football on the other hand that is played on a specific calendar and is played in different countries of the world; and International football which is the most popular and competitive game of all. Aside from football, soccer is also a widely played and popular sport that has many followers. Similarly, wrestling and boxing are also very popular sports that are regularly enjoyed by the public.

Rugby is another one of the most popular sports in the world. Rugby can be defined as a game played between two teams where each team tries to make the score more than the other in order to win the game. The most famous game that is played between Australia and England is the Bath vs England rugby match. It is widely considered as the preeminent rugby game in the world with millions of fans and spectators.

In third position is the game of Association football. Association football is the most played sports in the world with about seventy-five percent of the total number of sports fans and spectators. Soccer is played in various countries in the world, while Australian and British rugby can also be included in the list. Rugby union is the game in which players participate by wearing protective jerseys wherein they risk their lives if they are hit by another player. Despite this danger, the game is very interesting and is regularly watched by millions of people.

Another type of popular sport is motor sports. Motor sports refer to racing, whether on a track, off-road, dirt biking, motocross, and in the airplane. Motor sport is a very competitive and fierce sport. Almost three hundred million people watch motor sports every year and this figure is increasing annually. Thus, it can be concluded that there are more than one hundred million people who love watching professional sports in the world today and a large number of them play sports on a professional level.