Sport and Leisure Activity

Sports (or athletic sports) is any forms of generally competitive physical activity that, though involving physical exertion, aim to employ, uphold or enhance physical power and skills for the purpose of obtaining entertainment, social interaction, competition or sometimes, and occasionally, both. The word ‘sports’ can cover any form of physical contact sport: archery, swimming, tennis, golf, basketball, horse riding, rugby, cricket, swimming, baseball, soccer, wrestling and weightlifting. Sports can also be non-sporty (though many sports involve contact with the body that would be classified as ‘body-contact sports’) and may include gymnastics, surfing, motor-car racing, bicycle-riding and skating.


Some sports involve high levels of physical exertion, such as cycling. Cycling requires large amounts of strength and endurance and a number of muscle groups are involved. Therefore it is physically demanding. A person who is not experienced in sports or who is unable to participate actively in sports could harm themselves. Other forms of sports that use a lot of exertion include wrestling. In wrestling, a competitor would need to endure a lot of physical exertion.

As regards recreational sports, the most popular form is beach volleyball. It does not require high levels of skill, but the competitors still use a lot of physical energy. Football, golf, tennis and soccer are also popular recreational sports and can be competitive, although less strenuous than beach volleyball. Similarly, baseball, basketball and softball are common recreational games. Finally, ice hockey is a very well known sport amongst hockey fans.

As a matter of fact, there are many different kinds of activities covered under the term ‘sports’. One of them is an indoor activity, which refers to activities like cycling, indoor soccer, swimming, table tennis, indoor volleyball, badminton, bowling, golf, bicycling, rowing, horse-riding and many other such activities. Sports enthusiasts spend much time trying to master as many different sports names as possible. Some enthusiasts have even tried to write down all the different sports names, as well as the pronunciations of them, so that they can be referred to easily by other enthusiasts. Such efforts are made so that the fanatics do not miss out on anything. For instance, it would be impossible for fans to know about lacrosse if the professionals did not talk about it.

There are many other kinds of recreational sports, including track and field, badminton, baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, tennis, surfing, sailing, and skiing. However, no recreational activity has gained as much popularity as golf. Golf is one of the most popular games among sports enthusiasts and there are a number of international tournaments held annually.

The popularity of Australian football has led to the rise in the number of people playing this game. The first ever World Cricket matches were held in Australia in Perth innings. The popularity of the sport has led to the establishment of innumerable sports clubs around the country. This is in addition to the numerous sporting clubs that exist in the city of Adelaide.