All About Sportsmanship

Sports are commonly defined as any physical activity that entails an level of physical contact, including basketball or netball. Some sports are known as contact sports while others are not. Many forms of competitive athletics and even some games which do not involve contact are officially called sports. A participant in a particular sport can be called a sportsman if he or she achieves some level of recognition and influence in the sporting arena. An athlete in a particular sport is sometimes referred to as a sportsperson.


There are various kinds of sports that we have all heard about or watched people playing. We have seen people playing baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, golf, hockey, soccer, swimming, rugby, soccer, and other physical activities. These games are popular not only with kids but adults also. The wide variety of games and physical activities that can be played are endless.

Sports can either be played professionally or casually. Competitions are organized for athletes in different sports like track and field, tennis, football, basketball, hockey, softball, baseball, and swimming. All these sports require players to be in good physical shape and are accompanied by rigorous training. A participant in any of these sports would need to have stamina, agility, speed, endurance, flexibility, and mental ability. Most sports are strenuous, but some sports are mild and are played for leisure or social reasons.

Some sports have formal rules and regulations and the participants usually compete in qualifying competitions. Competitions may range from individual events to organized competitions. For example, in football the winner of a match is awarded the championship trophy. A competition in sailing may be separated into aestyle and a race meeting. Competitions in sportsmanship are distinguished by sportsmanship awards or trophies.

Sports competition generally involves both the mind as well as the body. It requires a lot of strength, skill, and agility. It is often associated with a competitive spirit of a team or an individual. A sports competition includes a game of strategy, hard work, athleticism, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Competitors can come from any background and since sports teach the right values and attitude towards life, they provide an arena for people to learn and grow.

The basic function of sports is to keep a player’s body in good condition by using his energy efficiently and effectively. Playing sports demands the physical and mental qualities of a person. Professional sports men and women train rigorously to increase their abilities and use their competitive spirit in helping others develop their potential. A sport requires the cooperation of all the members of the team including the coach. As a professional sports player, you will never be satisfied with just winning a game, you will always want to improve yourself and your skills so as to be able to win next time.