Four Reliable Sports Trends

A sports movie is an exciting movie genre that often uses sports as the primary theme of the movie. It’s a character-driven entertainment where a sports event, fan of a sports team, or athlete are heavily involved, and that depend strongly on sports to some extent for their plot’s resolution or goal. Theatrical trends show a sharp increase in sports themed movies released every year. If you’re interested in exploring this genre, we’ve compiled a list of helpful suggestions for you.


The Blind Side (Movie: Universal Pictures / Lionsgate Films) – Perhaps this is the best known example of a sports movie. As the name implies, Blind Side tells the story of a blind person who overcomes his disability by winning the athletic talent he has no control over. Michael Peber’s musical score and the story are particularly appealing and endearing. Based on the true story, Blindside was one of the highest grossing films of all time, especially worldwide. Based on the true story, Michael Peber died due to complications from alcohol toxicity several years later, so this film nonetheless provides an example of how a successful sportsman can overcome disabilities.

Rings (Movie: Disney) – Another animated sports movie, Rings tells the story of a young baseball prodigy who dreams of becoming a major league baseball player. Although baseball is not the main focus of this film, it does explore how a child’s passion for a sport can influence his development into adulthood. Although not technically animated, this film nonetheless manages to capture the spirit of baseball with its use of vibrant colors, its well choreographed moves, and the overall look and feel of sports itself. The film has proven to be an especially popular DVD release, going straight to number one in its category at the end of 2021. The film has since been renewed with a sequel. Based on the book by Loukas, the second film promises even more engaging content.

The Blind Side (Movie: ESPN) – This sports drama depicts the downfall of one of the most beloved athletes in sports history, NBA star Dennis Rodman. Following his DUI arrest, in which he was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, the then Piston center was subjected to numerous public outbursts, as well as personal turmoil. Emotionally scarred by the events that unfold, Rodman is determined to regain the respect and trust of those around him, including his former teammates, in order to help him overcome his difficult past. While some have criticized The Blind Side for overemphasizing the negative effects of drug use and partying, it is considered a successful and uplifting film that depicts the trials and tribulations of a true sports star. Additionally, based on an actual case, the film also portrays the unfair treatment that athletes receive when fighting one another for a share of the basketball salary pie.

As previously noted, the above mentioned movies are only a few of the hundreds of award-winning movies that have largely been hailed as “tourist attractions” or “causes” of media coverage and public interest. Although these films may be entertaining, it is important not to forget that they are primarily meant to entertain viewers and make them aware of issues and struggles that exist within the professional sports leagues across the North America. Professional sports leagues have been receiving increased criticism over the past several years for the disparity that exists between the compensation that players receive and the revenue that the leagues generate from ticket sales, advertisements, and sponsorship deals. While the NBA and NFL have received particular criticism for the treatment of athletes during games, the NCAA has long been viewed as a lax enforcement body that does not have the power or resources to enforce its rules regarding academic fraud. In recent years, several other professional sports leagues have faced accusations ranging from discrimination to game fixing and other unethical activities.

The Blind Side (Movie: ESPN) – This movie depicts the story of former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s transformation from an aspiring basketball star into a national hero. Aspiring to lead the USA in the Basketball Olympics, Rodman discovers the difficult path that lies ahead of him and decides to turn pro. This film depicts Rodman as a lovable character who tries to rise above his personal problems to help his team. Though not specifically a sports related film, this film nevertheless manages to provide many examples of sports trends and how these trends affect the athletes. As part of the documentary, Rodman is also interviewed about his impressions of other countries’ sports programs and how he determines which games he would like to play if given the opportunity.