Is Beauty Really A Possibility?


Is Beauty Really A Possibility?

The word beauty is almost universally used to describe and criticize a thing. Beauty is most commonly defined as a certain trait of external things, which makes these things pleasing to see. These things include sunsets, landscapes, beautiful humans and creative works of art. Beauty, along with personal taste and art, is perhaps the most important theme of aesthetic philosophy, among the major branches of subjective philosophy. Aesthetic philosophy seeks to discover the relation between beauty and the person who behold it.

Many people may worry about what they think their beauty is. Perhaps you have been told your appearance is not how you really are, or you are not what you think you are. Some may even go to great lengths to be happy with how they look. Others may search for perceived flaws to diminish their beauty. Beauty is not a tangible thing, but it can be an intangible one.

If beauty is something that a person can acquire through effort, time, and patience, then that person has achieved beauty. However, it would be an ignorant person who thinks that beauty is something that can be achieved without exertion or by becoming a better person. True beauty is something that a person is born with, in the same way that breathing is a natural function of the body. We cannot become a better person, but we can become a healthier person by improving our health.

It is impossible to be truly beautiful in a vacuum. Some of us may try to attain beauty through work, by improving our looks on the outside, but this can be deceptive and may eventually backfire because the work does not improve our inner beauty. Only by working at the inside, on our own, can we realize the beauty, and only when our inner beauty matches our outer beauty can we say we are beautiful.

One thing that people have tried to do is to become more beautiful. This is especially common in Hollywood movies, where beautiful people are groomed and hair is done, and makeup applied. While this may achieve some superficial beauty, ultimately it does not lead to real beauty. What actually leads to beauty is realizing that beauty is not a goal, but a gift that can be found in each person.

We may not feel beautiful on the outside, but we should remember that this feeling comes from the inner beauty that we already possess. If we take the time to clean our face and apply a good body scrub, we will realize how clean we are inside. If we put on make-up and try to be beautiful on the outside, we may find that we do not like how we look. The best way to become beautiful is to work at our inner beauty, on our own terms, and to realize that beauty is not a goal but is a gift that can be found in each person.