Main Article – Sportsmanship


Main Article – Sportsmanship

Sports. Sports are organized competitive games and physical activities. These fill the human need for exercise. Almost all sports are physically competitive. Here is the main difference between recreational, leisure or ills, sports.

Sport is organized physical competition using objects like ball, bat, racket, etc., which the competing participants use to hit a ball or to throw the ball, respectively. The object of the sport is to win and there is no place for victory celebrations. The object of the game is to beat the opponent and the results of a sporting activity can be measured by the score, time, number of throws made and the physical strength or technical skill of the participant.

Sport involves physical contact and the participants are required to wear protective clothing like shorts, shirts, socks, helmets, padding, etc., to protect their body from injuries. The sportive activity is divided into various games that can be played at an amateur, professional, national or international level. There are many international sports that have gained immense popularity and are played across the world. These include basketball, baseball, badminton, beach volleyball, golf, ice hockey, tennis, polo, softball, soccer, motor-bicycle, cricket, horse-riding, track running, cricket, rugby, snooker, boxing, weightlifting, surfing, skiing, surfing, hockey, softball, motor-bike racing, water-skiing, cricket, hockey, American football, rugby, motor-car racing, cricket, polo, American football, and softball among others. Many popular sports have been imported from other parts of the world to increase their global popularity.

International sport is governed by different sets of rules, principles and traditions having common standards for competitions. These common rules apply to all organisations that organise a single event or tournament. It is generally understood that sport encompasses both the physical activity and the mental stimulation required for a person’s overall health and fitness. Organised participation in sports is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness.

There are many different types of sports that people can take up and enjoy. A major advantage of taking part in a competitive sporting event is that it provides a venue for social interaction and enjoyment. In fact, some of the most popular spectator sports are tennis, swimming, golf, badminton, cricket, horse-riding, rugby, motor-bike racing, ice skating, surfing, sailing, snorkelling and climbing. Other less well known sports include table tennis, squash, golf, rugby, basketball, rugby league, ice skating, hockey, softball and American football.

Sportsmanship is the main feature of all kinds of sports. It is also a principle behind the rules that govern most spectator sports. It is necessary that players adhere to a set of rules to emerge as the victors in sporting events. These rules are designed to ensure fair play throughout the competition. The main article that sportsmanship encompasses is graciousness towards opponents and fellow competitors.