Sports Spectators and the Fair Play Act


Sports Spectators and the Fair Play Act

A sports movie is a fictional film genre which makes use of sports as the main theme of the movie. It’s a fictional production where a fictional sport, fictional athlete, event, or fan of a fictional sport are heavily involved, and that rely on sport to some extent for their plot inspiration or resolution. It can be produced as a narrative film with the main actors playing characters in the movies, or it can be made as a documentary to air on television. Many feature films are purely sports-themed, although many are family-friendly too. The most notable of these is of course, Michael Douglas’ “Jurassic Park”.

“The Blind Side” (produced by Spike Lee and starring Denholm Elliott and Leighton Meester) is an amazing piece of sports entertainment, using the story of a young man from a poor background who becomes blind while playing college football. As his passion for the sport develops, he begins to display remarkable skills on the field, and is recruited by a college team as a full time player. It becomes a main article of debate amongst his teammates and coaches how much of his disability should be exposed to the public eye. This is largely a question of personal choice, but also of respecting the person’s decision to live his life in this way.

The Blind Side features the brilliant performances of an assortment of actors in a great supporting role. It’s mostly due to the performances of its main characters that make this film so successful. One of the main characters, Michael Oher, plays the role of a very confused and misunderstood young man, who is at first reluctant to participate in any sort of competitive sports. But slowly but surely, he is seduced by the allure of a particular team and becomes a devoted fan, following their performances during the 2021 season. Eventually, Michael gets over his hesitation about participating in competitive sports and becomes one of the best players on his new team, and ultimately the biggest star of his new league.

Another movie about two contrasting yet hopeful athletes is The Blind Side. Both athletes, running backique and wide receiver, develop a deep and lasting friendship over the course of the film, which leads to them going onto the national stage, where they play for the country. The Blind Side main article revolves around a pair of young men, one a star athlete, the other a talented but socially challenged athlete, who both play on the same team, but have completely opposite views on how to play and achieve success. Ultimately the movie explores how each of them chooses to live their lives, and what hardships they both had to overcome in order to reach the top.

Perhaps one of the most well known films about sports and sportsmanship is The Blind Side. The Blind Side main article deals with a controversial issue, which is the question of whether or not players on a sports team have the right to appeal to the conscience of the sport itself. Owing to the highly competitive nature of association football, there are times when disputes can arise between the players, due to little personal knowledge between them. One player may deem it fit to challenge the refereeing, due to an injury sustained during the game. In this situation the opposing captain makes an appeal to the fourth umpire, threatening to storm out of the game if the ref isn’t forced to act.

Regardless of one’s stance on sports and sportsmanship, one cannot deny that these games are incredibly popular worldwide. They attract massive numbers of audience every single year and are regularly broadcast and shown in home television windows. Despite this, it is important that we, as a society, take our stance on these games seriously, and ensure that they are played fairly, both by the athletes themselves, and by the governing bodies who regulate them. As long as we do, we will have a clear view of what it means to be a true sportsman or woman, without prejudice. Our children will grow up playing and enjoy the fantastic and wonderful game of fair play.