The Power Brokers Are Getting Smart About Beauty

Beauty is a synonym of beauty. Beauty is a quality of specific objects that makes these objects pleasant to see. These objects could be humans, nature, landscapes and artistic works of art. Beauty, along with beauty, is the most important theme of aesthetics, among the many branches of natural philosophy. Philosophy of beauty ranks close to metaphysics of beauty.


Many cultures have different beliefs and theories about beauty. Some believe in beauty as an innate quality, while others believe in its importance as a social product of human interaction. Modern society often values appearance above all else, which makes many people unhappy about their appearances. In order to cope with such negativity, some use cosmetics; however, this reliance on cosmetic application has led to the promotion of beauty as a marketing phenomenon, with advertisers promoting beauty products on prime time television, claiming that these beauty products can make anyone beautiful.

Because of this trend towards beauty marketing, we have seen an increase in the number of beauty and skin care products on the shelves in our local supermarkets. There is even a strong presence on the Internet, where people often discuss products that they use or would like to use. The fact that our media heavily promotes beauty is actually a good thing, since beauty is a highly subjective concept. Since we cannot be forced to look a certain way, beauty becomes an internalized value.

For many people, especially women, physical beauty is not only desirable but mandatory. A thin, young woman at a recent fashion show was seen struggling with a very bulky bag, a reflection of her extreme lack of physical beauty. Yet, at the end of the day, the judges awarded her the top prize. What made her win? Her winning entry, a slim thick dress, was a representation of her status as a successful model.

If the judging process were not controlled by the influence of social media, this kind of self-consciousness could become common place. For instance, if a contestant on the popular fashion show The Fashion Show loses her last two bets, she will usually announce that she is sorry and give up. We watch celebrities fall off hairpieces, sometimes literally. We are all familiar with the many high-profile public appearances that turn into publicity stunts, designed to get the public’s attention, in order to launch new products or re-ignite an old one. Even when a person is not trying to promote a product, the simple act of revealing a lack of beauty, or announcing that she wants to be beautiful, can leave her vulnerable in the public eye.

The social media has turned the world of fashion upside down. It has allowed ordinary people to compete with the world’s power brokers, and to act on their own behalf. As long as the system stays open, it will continue to provide an arena in which power brokers can test the limits of beauty, and decide who deserves it. Only beauty queens know the secret to being strong enough to conquer the world of fashion.