Video Games Versus Board Games

Computer and video games are the most popular leisure activities for American children today. According to a recent U.S. government survey, almost one in five American children spend at least one hour each day playing computer video games. This activity has been shown to relieve tension, reduce stress, improve hand-eye coordination, enhance sensory development, promote sleep, and build social and communication skills. It has also been shown that playing computer video games releases a variety of chemicals in the brain, many of which are associated with increased happiness and positive emotions.


Computer and video games are a virtual entertainment tool that allows users to escape the real world to enjoy the fun, excitement, and fulfillment. A video game is simply an electronic device or application that involves interaction by a user with an external user interface or input device, including a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, joystick, or game pad, to produce visual output on a display device. Card games, which can include bingo, checkers, solitaire, and many other card games, are another type of video game, and they are increasingly popular among adults as well as children. Most video games played on personal computers are software applications.

In addition to the entertainment aspect of video games, there are many different categories of video games. These include racing, arcade, adventure, card, board, educational, outdoor, motorized, sports, war, strategy, and hobby genres. Each of these genres has a number of different sub-genres, which further distinguish the video games from each other. For example, a racing video game would not typically contain an adventure genre. Likewise, a card game could easily have nothing to do with an outdoor board game.

Additionally, each of these genres has different levels of complexity and varying amounts of rules. Therefore, the types of players who purchase these types of board games are significantly different than other types of players. For example, those who play card games are very complex, because they usually involve several different types of card decks, and a number of dice. On the other hand, a simple game of bingo does not have a number of different sub-genres, because bingo is a single card game. Therefore, people often times make comparisons between video games and board games and consider them as being quite similar, but distinct genres.

Therefore, the main article in this article compares video games to card games. It also examines the differences between playing cards on a regular basis versus playing cards on a regular basis only with your friends. The main article examines the differences between playing a video game on a computer versus playing the same game on a console, and concludes that gaming has come a long way since the days of the Atari.

Finally, the main article examines how gamers use tokens in board games today and concludes that gaming as we know it is alive and well. Finally, the author concludes that gamers can enjoy the experience of gaming on a variety of different platforms. Finally, the main article discusses whether the rise of video gaming has reduced the appeal of traditional board games, and whether or not they will continue to be enjoyed by players. The author gratefully acknowledges the help of his wife for her contributions to this article.