What Is Beauty?


What Is Beauty?

Beauty is defined as the beauty of things that makes these things enjoyable to see. Such things as sunsets, gardens, humans and beautiful works of art are all part of beauty, along with beauty, combined with art and human interest. The word beauty itself however has different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In general, beauty is generally defined as neutral and indifferent; while some individuals and cultures view beauty in a more subjective way, as a personal state or trait. While these two views are possible, beauty cannot be objectively measured as it is an intangible quality that is seen or felt only in reaction to some conditions or actions.

A simple look into the lives of women across cultures shows that beauty varies widely according to culture, age and social status. While some women may consider their beauty criteria as strictly social, others believe that beauty encompasses all aspects of life. For example, a beautiful woman who was not born with a flawless skin would not consider herself beautiful but would consider herself fair. A very fair-skinned woman on the other hand, would consider herself very beautiful and treat herself as such. Beauty is therefore a subjective concept that depends on the person viewing it and not on any standards of measurement.

According to Charles Darwin, “The struggle to be beautiful, the self-deception through the art of nature, the search for an innate perfection in things human, and the consequent reconciliation of a real and perfect goodness in the object of our search, appear to indicate that there is a standard of beauty against which we may measure the moral worth of a man.” This definition of beauty, however, presupposes that there are no standards of beauty, which is a false supposition. A beautiful body may give the appearance of a healthy body, but is this truly good health? Beauty is subjective and depends largely on the reaction of those who see it, and not on any standard.

The need to look like the ideal has led to many different opinions about what is beautiful. Most people believe that beauty is defined by looking in the mirror and being content with one’s own image. However, most people live in a culture that makes demands on their physical appearance to justify their happiness. In these cultures, a beautiful body is not necessarily the indicator of happiness, but beauty is often used to justify misery.

Some people say that beauty is skin deep while others say that beauty is the result of a beautiful complexion. Still, other people say that true beauty is found in the soul rather than in the physical form. Regardless of what the definition of beauty is for each individual, most people agree that beauty is desirable and necessary for happiness. People need to have beauty in order to feel happy and fulfilled. Beauty also gives us the assurance that we are loved and will be understood if we display a healthy sense of beauty.

Psoriasis and other skin diseases are an excellent example of beauty. People with psoriasis can look in the mirror and see only splotches of dry skin. It would be very hard to convince them that they are beautiful. Yet, even with the lack of physical beauty, psoriasis has given them hope and joy for their future. By constantly fighting the psoriasis, the skin disease has been beaten and the person who suffers from it can look in the mirror and see themselves as beautiful. If the psoriasis is still present when the person looks in the mirror, they may even find themselves smiling.