Sports As a Way of Building Up Self-Esteem


Sports As a Way of Building Up Self-Esteem

Sports are one of the most popular recreational activities in the world. It does not only involve physical contact with other people, but also involves an interaction of minds with the use of sport equipment. The popularity of different kinds of sports has increased in recent years, owing largely to the increasing affluence of people in many countries. In many countries, the Olympic Games, a multi-sport event that includes both sports and events for the general public, are regularly held, drawing huge numbers of sports enthusiasts to watch and participate in these events.

Sports have been a source of physical activity for centuries, dating back to when track and field, swimming and gymnastics were considered as sports. The first traces of sports activities in Western cultures can be traced back to the earliest sports such as hunting and fishing. Later, during the 18th century, sports activities were popular among common people across Europe who sought ways to entertain themselves and improve their physical skills. The development of new sports events and the progress in scientific and medical research have further enabled sports to be developed and become professional sports like golf, tennis, swimming and basketball among others. Today, some of the sports that are very popular among people include track and field, softball, baseball and softball.

Sports are commonly related with physical activities that require both the mind and the body. These physical activities therefore, provide athletes with a chance to develop their skills in a particular field of interest. Among other athletic activities, track and field require excellent speed, quick movements, jumping, hitting, throwing and any form of leaping. Athletes therefore, need to have excellent physical skills. Similarly, gymnasts require excellent balance and flexibility. Similarly, swimmers are required to have great swimming skills.

Amongst the other physical activities that are also considered as sports, swimming and basketball are very popular. Swimming is perhaps the most famous sport where swimmers participate by entering the pool or any body of water with the intention of winning a particular competition. This involves a lot of physical activities including body building, lung capacity building and cardiovascular system strengthening. On the other hand, basketball is a game that involves the use of the arms, legs, head, hand, elbows and shoulders. Basketball, as compared to swimming, involves less of physical activities.

Generally, the athletes are divided into two categories one that playing sports for fun and the other that plays sports for winning. Usually, the fun type of sports comprises of kids and teenagers while the competitive type includes grown ups and professionals. In most of the cases, the games played in summer or winter break form the competitive sports. These games provide an opportunity for youngsters to develop their athletic skills. Similarly, motor skills and endurance develop through playing sports.

Young people today are becoming very aware about the benefits of physical activity. This awareness provides a great platform for them to take part in sports for winning competitions. Moreover, it helps them in building up their self-esteem. It is very important for the young people to inculcate the positive values in their life such as fair play, respect, honesty, hard work and good nature among others. Sports help young people in doing these things.